I’m Michael Casey and since 2016 I’ve been working to create beautiful handmade bellows blown smallpipes of the finest quality here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 

My interest in pipes started from the age of 10 when l began taking lessons from a fantastic teacher, friend and mentor named Malcolm Stewart in the early 90s. Malcolm’s patience, attention to detail and musicianship skills are priceless and made learning to play the pipes an enjoyable experience. Owing to this, I attempted competing in several piping events throughout the Sydney region and was successful in many over my teenage years. 

During this time, I was fortunate enough to meet many other amazingly talented musicians including a world class Uilleann pipe maker named Ian Mackenzie. Ian has spent many years perfecting his craft and was kind enough to pass on to me some of his knowledge and enthusiasm for creating an instrument of warm, bright tone and ease of tuning. 

Many years have passed since then, but I am pleased to say that putting those pipe making skills back into play has been one of the best decisions of my life.