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Hi, I’m Michael Casey and I create instruments of superior tone, tuning and finish to ensure many years of enjoyment.

Wherever possible, I prefer to use Australian made/grown materials including my timbers, which are harvested, cut to size and seasoned by a professional right here in Australia.

Mount options currently include imitation ivory (epoxy resin) or natural timber with ferrules and slides in either plain brass or nickel.

My bags are either a hybrid smallpipe or leather Uilleann style construction made right here in Australia. Drone reeds are a synthetic design produced on site and chanter reeds are constructed in NSW by a highly experienced and passionate reed maker.

Boring methods are carried out using the best quality European gun drills resulting in smooth, straight bores to produce the best possible sound quality. These drills are used in conjunction with compressed air to regulate the temperature of the cutting tip and blast chips and dust away from that area and back up the flute of the drill.

My bellows are also made on site and built from Australian hardwoods and quality leather, which is backed with a synthetic membrane for maximum air-tightness.

All of my instruments receive the best of our attention to detail and eye for quality control, and being a young business, I’m always open to alternative options for production to improve standards of instrument quality and customer satisfaction.

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